Leigh Anne Lee

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Manager, Inclusive Design and Cultural Projects
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Leigh Anne Lee

Originally from Louisiana, Leigh Anne is an Exhibit Designer whose passion for inclusive design in cultural spaces led her to Boston and IHCD in 2017. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Wake Forest University and a Master of Arts in Exhibition Design from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, D.C. Her master's thesis on designing an inclusive exhibit, both in content and design for children with Sensory Processing Disorders and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders aimed to prove that designing with accessibility in mind creates an enhanced learning experience for all visitors, regardless of ability. 

It was during her time in D.C. that Leigh Anne first had an opportunity to combine her interest in working with people with cognitive differences and exhibit design. As a fellow for the Smithsonian's Accessibility Department, Leigh Anne researched and wrote guidelines on accessible exhibition design for a neurodiverse audience, during which time she was introduced to the physical and sensory aspects of inclusive design and first heard of IHCD. After leaving D.C. she continued to be drawn to the ideas and principles surrounding inclusive design and ultimately decided that she wanted to dedicate her career to making the built environment a welcoming and accessible place for people of all abilities. 

As Manager for Inclusive Design and Cultural Projects, Leigh Anne reviews design plans, consults with cultural institutions on inclusive design, assists with User/Expert reviews of cultural institutions, and participates in site surveys to assess existing conditions. In addition to cultural projects, she is the lead for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) used specifically for mapping outdoor areas.