Design for Innovative Technology: From Disruption to Acceptance

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Nicholas Henchoz, Yves Mirande
EPFL Press
Year Published
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T173.8.M57 2014
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Despite their often remarkable performance, new and ‘disruptive’ technologies often meet with resistance from the general public. Design – sometimes assumed to play a purely aesthetic role – is central in making revolutionary technology acceptable to society. Mastering design allows technological breakthroughs to transcend the innovation stage and to enter daily life.

In this clear and accessible book, Nicolas Henchoz and Yves Mirande offer a new vision for the discipline. A wide range of practical case studies examine how the principles discussed in the book can renew the interplay between design and innovation. These include: solar cells dye-sensitized with raspberry juice; Montreux Jazz Festival archives being recognized, protected and distributed by UNESCO; creating new materials such as densified wood; developing augmented reality; and many more. The surprising results are highly relevant for our digital world and its countless challenges.

Building on contributions from the sociologist Michel Maffesoli and designers Yves Béhar, Jasper Morrison and Andrea Branzi, Design for Innovative Technology is the culmination of the groundbreaking research performed at the EPFL+ECAL Lab in Switzerland and its network of international institutions worldwide. A fascinating read for anyone interested in the evolution of design.