Mary Amulya Joseph

Submitted by anoopa on Tue, 12/03/2019 - 10:48
Inclusive Design Architectural Designer and Researcher
Mary Joseph

Mary earned a Bachelors of Architecture degree from RV School of Architecture, India. Her interest in understanding how various elements such as emotions, physical and digital spaces come together to create a holistic experience for human needs led her to pursue a Masters in Experience Design at Northeastern University, Boston.

At Northeastern, Mary worked as a research assistant for Professor Miso Kim to understand the use of crisis informatics technology among older adults through which she learned the importance of dignity and autonomy. She continues to gain knowledge by listening to experts talks on design. During one such talk, she was exposed to the concept of inclusive design which helped bring her to IHCD for a Co-op following which she did an Inclusive Design Fellowship and is currently a full-time employee at IHCD. During her time at IHCD, she has worked on several physical and digital projects through research and testing to identify opportunities for inclusive design for people from all walks of life. She hopes to continue using this knowledge to remove barriers through design and help enable people of all abilities to lead a fulfilling life.