Sean Solley

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Consulting Designer for Interiors
Sean Solley

Since graduation from London’s Kingston Polytechnic in 1988, Sean has practiced as a spatial designer in Europe, Asia and the United States. Between 1988 and 1992 Sean worked with Architect Stephen Donald on a variety of notable live music venues in London and his interest in urban culture prompted him to relocate to Berlin shortly after the fall of the wall. During this time Sean collaborated on competitions for the rebuilding of the divided city. As an assistant to HvR Architects, Sean spent three years developing housing for a master plan by Austrian Urbanist Robert Krier. 

In Berlin, Sean met his partner Katrin Boening and prior to returning to London in 1997 both designers lived, worked and traveled extensively in Asia. Here, Sean worked on a number of architectural projects for Singapore’s renowned Zoological Gardens and Bird Park.

In 1999, a visiting professorship at the Rhode Island School of Design, lead to an invitation to serve as a full time faculty member between 2000-2005. During this time Sean, and wife Katrin, established Solleydesign, in response to a growing demand for smaller, smarter homes in the region. 

In 2005 Sean joined the Interior Design department of the New England School of Design, a division of Suffolk University, and today serves as Acting Director of the Interior Architecture and Design program. Sean’s current focus is on teaching universal design, digital fabrication and finding creative opportunities to bridge disciplines across campus.