I Wish I Worked There! : A Look Inside the Most Creative Spaces in Business

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Kursty Groves, Will Knight
John Wiley and Sons
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NA6230.676 2010
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Revealing some of the world's most inspiring workplaces, I Wish I Worked There! investigates the way 20 famous brands have put innovation at the heart of their culture. Photographs and illustrations detail the way in which companies accommodate creative activity through spaces that: stimulate, enable reflection, promote collaboration and encourage play. Easy-to-adopt principles assist the design, creation or selection of spaces that support creative endeavour. Never before has a title looked specifically at how the working environment fosters the flow of ideas from both practical and emotional perspectives – with business results.
Each case study is extensively illustrated with new photography by Edward Denison and diagrams by Will Knight that detail activity.
Behind-the-scenes interviews reveal insights that show what makes a space really work, while business metrics evidence the birth of ideas, breakthroughs and successes.
Includes foreword by Ivy Ross, Executive Vice President of marketing for The Gap Brand at Gap, Inc.
Featured companies:

Aardman Animations, Ltd * Bloomberg LLC * DreamWorks Animation * Dyson * Electronic Arts * Google Inc * Hasbro * Innocent Drinks * Johnson & Johnson * The LEGO Group * Nike Inc * Oakley * Philips Design * Procter & Gamble * Sony Design * Sony Music * T-Mobile * Urban Outfitters * Virgin * Walt Disney Imagineering