From UK Design Council: Designing a Better Life- Craig's Story

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Craig is a father of 3 and Imogen, his second child, has William's syndrome. This makes learning new things very challenging because of things going on around her which might distract her. Craig took it upon himself to create VR videos that can help her learn individually. When Imogen has the VR headset on, she is only visually stimulated by what is in the video, giving her isolated time with the learning material. 

Craig taught himself all of the skills he has used to create these videos and lessons for his daughter. He has run into problems, just like any other designer might. However, Craig does not consider himself a designer, just a father with a good idea, and a knack for learning new things. Design Council took a look at the design economy demographic in the UK, and found that 78% is male, with 68% of them coming from a high socio-economic class. We are wondering why that is, when there are people like Craig with great ideas that can make people's lives better but who lack funding for their solutions.