UniDesign - Universal and Inclusive Design for Better Human Environments

Submitted by mjoseph on Thu, 02/25/2021 - 10:03

UniDesign is a free multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary international educational programme on the topics of universal and inclusive design (topics of design, difficulty with mobility or perception, and related topics on quality of human environment) from the perspective of architecture, civil engineering, education, art, design, technologies, philosophy and cultural studies oriented to international participants of multidisciplinary profiles.

The programme is held online in English and is open for everybody interested in topics of universal and inclusive design (maximum 35 participants). It is based on online lectures of renowned lecturers and practical assignments by participants.

During this programme, the participants will have an opportunity to learn from and engage with a variety of experts and representatives of users.

Free Online Course: Everyone interested in topics of Universal and Inclusive Design can apply here by February 28th 2021

When: March - May 2021
Where: University of Rijeka (MoD e-learning platform)


  • Universal and inclusive design in built spaces 
  • Senior-friendly product design
  • Designing for all
  • Co-designing for Inclusion in Public Institutions
  • E-participatory processes for inclusive design
  • Assistive technology
  • Transport through shared mobility
  • Inclusive design for learning
  • Events organisation for all

Check the flyer and the programme using the links below: