Celebrating IHCD Board Member: John Morris Named New Mobility's 2023 Person of the Year

Submitted by jessmendes on Tue, 01/02/2024 - 19:58

We're thrilled to share that John Morris, a recent addition to the IHCD Board, has been named New Mobility's 2023 Person of the Year! 

This recognition highlights his outstanding contributions to advancing accessibility and inclusion in air travel. The article delves into John's impactful work and visionary leadership, emphasizing his advocacy for inclusive design and breaking down barriers in global travel. 

Check out the full story here. What an exciting start to the year! So well deserved, John!

Powerchair user and advocate, John Morris, in front of a airplane. He is wearing dark shades, denim and a long sleeve white t-shirt promoting his brands, wheelchairtravel.org
With well-over 100 flights per year, Morris has built relationships with airport and airline staff all over the world.
Amputee and disability advocate, John Morris, riding a camel in the Egyptian dessert.
Egypt is one of the many fun destinations Morris has reviewed for accessibility on wheelchairtravel.org.