User/Expert Lab

A user/expert is a person who has developed expertise by means of their lived experience in dealing with the challenges of the environment due to a physical, sensory or cognitive functional limitation. IHCD has an established database of user/experts who range from adolescents to people in their ‘80s. The only expertise you need is the willingness to share your honest experience when evaluating a place, product, technology or service. Participants help review the usability and accessibility of physical environments as well as products, services and new technologies. 

"This is really good for me because it gives me more self-esteem. I feel valued and I feel important because I feel heard, which is really good for me." - Joan, User/Expert

User/Expert in the lab with staff for review

We are always eager to form new connections with people from all walks of life, who have a mix of educational and work backgrounds as well as people from multi-cultural communities. If you are interested in being a part of our User/Expert family, register to be part of our User/Expert Lab. Your information is held strictly private and it is not released to any other parties. It is our intent to cultivate a relationship with a diverse set of users.

Staff facilitating product demos with User/Experts at IHCD office

Designing for People: User/Experts in Schools of Design (2017) | NEA & IHCD

A male design school student leans over to show a prototype to a user/expert seated in a rollator chair

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